About me

With a passion for mathematics since childhood, I obtained my doctoral degree in 2016 at the University of Helsinki under the supervision of professor Tadeusz Iwaniec. Since then my career has been lined with an assortment of national and international collaboration, and periods of work with my colleagues at institutes such as the University of Jyväskylä, Syracuse University, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and Charles University. I love teaching mathematics, and have a particular interest in modern technology both as a tool in teaching as well as a field to learn about from a mathematical point of view. I am also passionate about connecting high school students with the world of academia and the ideas found in contemporary mathematics.

Recently, I was awarded the Academy Fellowship grant “Geometric Methods in Elasticity” by the Finnish Academy, see GME for the project page.

Research interests

My main research expertise lies in the fields of Nonlinear Elasticity and Geometric Analysis. A common factor in the problems I tend to study is the interplay of analysis and geometry in problems which are simple to state but difficult to solve. I am also interested in all the related areas of research such as nonlinear PDE’s, Harmonic Analysis, and Complex Dynamics.